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Effective techniques and therapies used at

Back and Rehab Clinic are listed below:


Chiropractic Adjustments and Technique:

Adjustments are therapeutic maneuvers that are intended to wholly or partly correct a subluxation. An adjustment is carefully controlled in its force, velocity, amplitude and direction.  A cause and location of a subluxation is determined by careful exam.  Dr Litle uses primarily Diversified Chiropractic Adjustments        to correct vertebral subluxations and joint restrictions however Dr. Litle is experienced using a variety of techniques.  Dr. Litle carefully determines which techingue to use based on what is most appropriate for the patient and their specific condition.


Massage and Vibration Therapy:  

Massage and Vibration Therapy is therapeutic before a Chiropractic Adjustment. Back and Rehab Clinic uses effective Genie massagers to relieve muscle tension promoting relaxation prior to adjustments. Massage warms soft tissues making joints pliable so they can be easily adjusted.  Back and Rehab clinic also uses many other types of massages including transverse friction, deep tissue and trigger point therapy.


Heat/Cold Therapy:  

Heat and Cold Therapy is especially effective when used correctly. Heat is commonly used for patients who have chronic or long lasting pain relaxing muscles and increasing circulation.  Cold therapy also called Cryotherapy is used as a treatment modality to reduce inflammation while reducing pain.  There are certain conditions that benefit from altering heat and cold therapy for periods of time.  At Back and Rehab Clinic, Dr. Litle knows the type of heat and cold regimen to prescribe for your specific condition for pain reduction and maximum healing.



Traction is a therapeutic treatment in Chiropractic care utilizing axial tension applied to a body segment. This decompresses tight joints and offers relief for many conditions.



Proper nutrition is important for optimal health.  In our society today, it is imperative to supplement our diets with natural supplements to enhance your immune system giving your body the best defense to stay well.  Back and Rehab Clinic caries a quality line of  nutritional supplements to meet your nutritional needs.


Trigger Point Therapy:

Trigger Point Therapy is effective for areas of tightness and irritability  in muscle tissue that can result in referred pain away from the actual “trigger point”.  Dr. Litle is effective determining where the trigger points are that can create this referred pain.  Manual pressure, massage and  stretching therapy can help release the tension in the trigger point often reducing pain and discomfort for the patient.


Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI):

MRI's are a diagnostic imaging modality that utilizes a magnet field and radio frequency transmission and reception to produce images of the body.  It is especially valuable in visualizing soft tissues.  Dr. Litle will determine if an MRI is necessary for your condition based on exam findings, symptoms and response to treatment.  If an MRI is necessary, Dr. Litle will order the test to be done after visiting with the patient explaining why the test is indicated.


Cat Scan (CT):

CT’s are an advanced imaging test that use radiation, like an x-ray, to see much more detail than an x-ray allows, typically of boney structures.   These tests are ordered by Dr. Litle when clinically indicated.


X Rays:

Back and Neck Clinic is a full service Chiropractic clinic with X-ray in the Bozeman office for patient convenience.  X Rays in the Townsend Office are ordered when necessary at the Townsend hospital.  After a through exam, Dr. Litle will determine if X rays are needed to make the correct diagnosis which helps determine a therapeutic treatment plan.  If Dr. Litle feels X-Rays are needed, this recommendation is discussed with the patient prior to X-Rays taken.  At the Back and Rehab Clinic, X rays are only recommended when absolutely necessary.


Corrective exercise:

Corrective exercise is a series of stretching and/or strengthening maneuvers designed to reduce spasm, balance opposing muscles through stretching and strengthening to correct postural imbalance or functional asymmetry.   Biomechanic evaluations are necessary to determine the proper exercise regimes easing back pain and promoting rehabilitation.  By building muscle strength or learning appropriate stretching, patients increase their ability to heal and reduce their chance of further injury. Proper stretching for your condition can help prevent scar tissue and adhesion formation following an injury. Exercise also strengthens joints, increases bone density, improves balance, posture and metabolism.  Dr. Litle determines the best exercise/stretching regime for your lifestyle and condition for optimal healing. Maintaining a regular stretching program once the rehabilitation stage of treatment has been completed will help keep tissues flexible, increasing mobility and prevent development of new injuries. At Back and Rehab Clinic, you are an active participantin your plan of care! 



Ultrasound is extremely high frequency sound that is out of the range of human hearing used to speed the healing of joints, muscles, and tendons. An effective treatment, ultrasound increases blood flow, reduces iflammation and helps calm deep seated muscle pain.


Interferential Electrical Muscle Stimulation:

This therapy helps to reduce inflammation (swelling), calm tight spasdic muscles and reduce pain.  



Orthotics benefit people with foot, heel and ankle pain and discomfort due to walking imbalances or spinal complications. These painful imbalances can lead to hip and low back pain and dysfunction.  Prefessional custom Orthotics re-align the foot and ankle to a neutral position restoring natural foot function which alleviates problems in other parts of the body by providing even weight distribution.   


Patient Education:

Dr. Litle’s comprehensive care includes patient education” teaching patients how to help themselves” so they live a long healthy vibrant life. Specific health education information includes but not limited to learning safety precautions, ergonomics at home and work, proper lifting techniques, physical conditioning, nutrition, work injury prevention, exercise, lifestyle modification, posture training and more.


Wellness Care:

Wellness care at Back and Rehab Clinic is important.  Just like having regular routine dental cleaning to reduce cavities, the Wellness Program at Back and Rehab Clinic helps restore and maintain proper spinal and joint alignment allowing your body to function optimally.   Dr. Litle and the patient determine the frequency of this care based on many factors.


Chiropractic X-Rays and Radiology:

 Dr. Litle’s Bozeman Chiropractic Clinic is equipped for X-ray evaluation.  Our equipment is modern and includes the use of special film and equipment to reduce exposure.  Dr. Litle has extensive training and experience in skeletal radiology both in performing and interpreting films. Chiropractic X-rays reveal pathologies and degenerative conditions, help visualize the location of spinal problems and confirms other examination findings to make your treatment more precise.


Exercise for Good Health:

Exercises are essential to good health and highly recommended. Dr. Litle works with you to determine your exact need based on specific problems and general health to determine which exercises will be therapeutic for your condition.