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Complimentary Consultations are available.  A consultation in our Bozeman or Townsend office gives you the opportunity to meet Dr. Gary Litle, Chiropractor and his staff. This will enable you to ask questions and raise concerns regarding your back and neck or other ailments.  Dr. Litle will make recommendations in your best interest based on his expertise and extensive 22 years of professional clinical experience.  If Dr. Litle feels you may benefit from Chiropractic care and you would like to proceed, a new patient appointment is made.

During the new chiropractic patient appointment, you will be asked to complete necessary confidential paperwork which includes a health history so we may better serve you.     After you and the doctor have discussed your concerns, Dr. Litle will begin an examination using several methods, which may include palpation of the spine, and various orthopedic and neurologic tests which are done by observing you move to see how various structures like muscles and joints are affected.     The comprehensive examination also includes obtaining your height, weight, blood pressure, lab and X-rays if needed.  Dr. Litle will also review documentation and X-rays from other doctors you may have seen. 


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Chiropractor Report of Findings From Dr. Litle


Dr. Litle reviews his exam, the lab and X-ray findings at the next appointment called “Report of Findings”.  At this appointment, Dr. Litle will share the diagnosis, findings for diagnosis and treatment recommendations.  You are an active participant in this process therefore will have ample time to ask any questions you may have.  There is no pressure.  Feel free to bring your spouse, significant other, family member or friend that is involved in your care to this appointment.


Because patients respond differently to care, Dr. Litle evaluates your progress each time you visit the office modifying the treatment plan accordingly.  

Dr. Litle’s goal is to give effective pain relieving treatment correcting the problem in the shortest amount of time for your condition. 


99% of new patients usually come to see Dr. Litle because they have been referred by happy satisfied patients.  We welcome your referrals and give our assurance that your friend or family member will be treated with the upmost respect.  We appreciate your trust and confidence in us.  


We invite you to call the clinic at 406-587-0711 in Bozeman, MT or 406-266-4245 in Townsend, MT to begin enjoying the wonderful benefits Chiropractic care has to offer.